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Recent Work

There are two major items that have received substantial focus by the travelling public in the recent past. Improvements in the public transport system and making systems easier to use through the introduction of smartcards. The need to urgently improve public transport has been taken by many governments and local authorities, with the result that many are looking for a transit system to meet their needs.

We have worked on the smartcard systems that are used by London Transport (TfL) in London (Oyster),

MTRC in Hong Kong (Octopus), PLRT in Kuala Lumpur (CSC)

and most recently the system which is being rolled out nationally across the Netherlands. We have contracted to the prime companies in each of the above, Thales, Cubic and Thorn Transit Systems.

The largest projects (London and the Netherlands) have been performed by joint-venture consortia; TranSys in London and East-West in the Netherlands. Our principal, Ken Ross, is well known at both senior management and consortium level. We are well used to dealing with the issues that surround the structure of such a large programme.



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