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Project Management

The need for clear and concise project management has been established in numerous projects throughout the world. The scope of projects is so variable that the simple title “Project Manager” does not cover all aspects of the job that needs to be carried out.

Ken Ross is a full and practicing member of both the Association for Project Management and the Project Management Institute.

These two professional bodies provide a level of structured training to ensure project management skills are up to date and relevant.

There are two fundamental but separate aspects to the project management role; inward looking and outward facing.

Inwardly, the needs of the project team, the directors and stakeholders must all be satisfied. With any decisions, somebody is likely to become unhappy and careful situation management therefore becomes a necessity.

Outwardly, many projects suffer from “scope creep”. This often marks the difference between successful and failing projects. Customers can, and often do, accept that late changes in requirements have a fundamental effect on the outcome of a project, but only when they are informed at the right time. Key customer management is therefore a skill that has been learned and practiced.

Many projects revolve around programme plans. In this respect we have used MS-Project, PrimaVera and SureTrak planning packages

Project Management is a lot more than providing project plans, it involves analysis, questioning and only then, appropriate decision making.





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