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Contract Management

Contracts are generally prepared before systems or products are developed. Through the course of many programmes that last several years, the needs of the project and the formal contract can become disconnected. This can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements.

We can overcome some of these problems through:

  • Careful analysis of the contract to consider all options and outcomes.
  • Preparation of clear and concise letters to revert to a balanced situation.
  • Advice on all possible outcomes to an undesirable situation (commercial settlement, arbitration and litigation).
  • Preparation of “the files” that can be used in support of the above. This is key to a successful settlement.

Ken Ross is a full and practising member of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM). This body is the only forum for Contract Management development and advice.



Services Provided

Click for contract management adivceContract Management Use our know-how to translate complex contract wording

Risk Analysis
Life is full of risks. It’s unavoidable!

Project Management
When a project goes wrong, experience counts

Claim PreparationClaim Preparation
When all else fails, we can help with recovery

general managementGeneral Management
Advice on the fundamental building blocks of management.

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