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Claim Preparation

Sometimes projects go wrong. It’s a fact of life, but not one that should result in bankruptcy.

There are many steps to resolving a dispute, through the following stages:

  • Commercial Agreement and Settlement
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

The sequence of these stages is important; it is strongly recommended that all attempts are made through each before embarking on the next

We have specific and recent expertise in the preparation of each stage of dispute resolution. It is sometimes so easy to be blinded by the emotion of a situation. Deltawall can help to prepare the key elements of a case to be taken forward.

.The technique we have successfully used for a number of commercial settlements and arbitration is that of “telling the story”.



Services Provided

Click for contract management adivceContract Management Use our know-how to translate complex contract wording

Risk Analysis
Life is full of risks. It’s unavoidable!

Project Management
When a project goes wrong, experience counts

Claim PreparationClaim Preparation
When all else fails, we can help with recovery

general managementGeneral Management
Advice on the fundamental building blocks of management.

contact usContact Us
Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.


No emotion, simply the facts from beginning to end presented in a reasonable form to demonstrate clear entitlement. This is a very powerful way to prepare for the most serious forms of settlement (arbitration or litigation) 

Our principal, Ken Ross has been trained by Bond Solon as part of witness preparation for a multi-million pound litigation. This invaluable training demonstrates the nature of our experience. It should be noted however that if litigation was to be considered, then external legal advice is a necessity. Deltawall cannot and will not give advice that is deemed legal.